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3733 NOTES

Hi Guys,

Lots of chatter on AO40  rx using 3733's , NF and gain..  Here is some
practical stuff.

I was able to get two contacts at 55k this morning using a 3733 with a two
foot  bbq and
50 watts into 7 elements..

My 3733 has these mods..
The stub is removed.
The input filter top section is removed and the screws are put back in
leaving the fingers in place (might want to fiddle
with them later)  a piece of silver wire is soldered from the input
connector to the last finger right where the output
is taken off the resonator finger.

I feed the 3733 with a home brew injector at 13.9v  i would imagine if i
raised it a little it would be a little hotter.
I set the frequency dead on 2278 by listening to the 8k xtal with my rig.
this way i can find myself easily and you
can close the lid when you make the measurement so it dosnt shift the

The 3733 is attached at the center holes to the antenna. i found this
yields the most gain using a weak signal
source and sliding it in and out while watching the output on a spectrum

Thats it.

good luck and see you on ao40


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