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Re: AO40 downlink signal strength

At 08:13 08/05/01 -0700, you wrote:

>No , I am not sure where my antenna is pointed , unfortunately I am a
>loaner here and don't have any help , so its a little tricky to get
>things going , and I have tested the converter and it is putting out
>where I think it should be , beleive it or not the yaesu vx5r puts out a
>nice harmonic at 2401.350 when you make it tx on 400.225 and using that
>I can determine that my converter is working , as it puts out a signal
>at about 145.350 ( +-3kc ) , so if my math is correct then I should be
>able to hear the MB at around 145.336 from the reports I have gotten on
>the amsat chat group .....

I can see no mention of doppler in your equations. If 2401.35 is at 
145.350, then the beacon at 2401.323 will be at 145.323. However, the 
doppler can be upto + or - 45Khz. so the beacon could be 145.280 right upto 


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