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Re: AO40 downlink signal strength

Mike and Donna West wrote:
> How about 60 deg North ?
>  I do better than hear the beacon. Just today I worked JA0BBW at MA 147.2
> that's a range of 61,000km from Alaska.  That's with a modified Drake and a
> Meyers dish.....20 watts (42 el 70cm)got me a 5X9...Cut the power back to 10
> watts PEP and finished the QSO...I need a better antenna at 1.2GHz.....

Well I must say that sounds great :)
I feel more encouraged to try something different then , but so far nada

> Are you sure where your antenna is pointed????  Are you sure of the IF
> freq???? Mine wasn't where I figured it would be.....If you used a 20pf
> X-tal, try around 145.040 to 145.070 MHz.  You may have to build a signal
> source.

No , I am not sure where my antenna is pointed , unfortunately I am a
loaner here and don't have any help , so its a little tricky to get
things going , and I have tested the converter and it is putting out
where I think it should be , beleive it or not the yaesu vx5r puts out a
nice harmonic at 2401.350 when you make it tx on 400.225 and using that
I can determine that my converter is working , as it puts out a signal
at about 145.350 ( +-3kc ) , so if my math is correct then I should be
able to hear the MB at around 145.336 from the reports I have gotten on
the amsat chat group .....

> Sorry, Doug, I'm fishing.......Anyway you can get with someone that can hear
> AO-40?   Maybe try your gear at their shack.....AO-40 is one strong sounding
> bird.....

I know its hard to troubleshoot someones setup when you don't know all
the variables , and I thank you for trying , I think my main problem is
that I have too many things obscuring my horizon , I am curious how low
in elevation you had to go to hear ao-40 ? since you are in alaska I
would think that I would have to go higher then whatever you used ......

unfortunately there are no active sat amateurs in the spokane area that
I am aware of , so I am on my own on this one , also , I am kinda in the
dark as far as tracking the sat , my main pc had a harddrive failure a
while back and I am just limping by with a small temporary drive with no
tracking software until I can replace it and get back to my original
config with either "predict" or "sattrack" , but the biggest thing is it
all takes time , and unlike some mine is not in abundance :^p

so on I go :)

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
AMSAT#26182 , K2 # 544
Registered Linux user # 188922
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