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RE: Tracking interface for G-5500

Hello Joe

> I think 2.6 supports either
> rotator via a config file setting.

Good point which I wasn't aware of - 2.5 was the last version I used.
However WispDDE, which is the software I'm using at present doesn't support
the extended sweep.

Also you'll get better resolution (sort of) if you restrict movement to
0-360 with the resistor you have 1.4 degree resolution. With 0-450 it's 1.75
degree resolution. Probably academic really as the pots and the interface
aren't _that_ accurate anyway!

Another interesting note is that I've never got the Nova FODtrack interface
to work either - Nova assumes the rotator is always North breaking
independent of the North/South breaking check box.

73 Howard G6LVB

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