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KLM 40cx Strip Down Question

Hi All,

I have a KLM 40cx (70cm) antenna, that has been sitting downstairs in the
junk room since I moved house a few years ago. It is too big to put up on
the rotator mast where I have my 60cm s band dish and 12-turn helix for L
band, ... but if I was to only mount the first section of the KLM 40cx, i.e.
the bit with the driven element, reflector and first few directional
elements then it would just fit without hitting the roof when at 90 degree
elevation. The loss on gain can easily be fixed by my old 70cm 100W linear,
.... for those who know these things:

1). Any idea what the SWR would be given that the antenna would not be as
spec anymore?

2). What the gain would be (I think it would have about 8 directional
elements left - 4 horzontal, 4 vertical)?

Any comments?

Paul, VP9MU

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