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Re: Re: Parabolic AB Query

The LO is 2256 MHz (94 MHz xtal).
73 de Ben - SM6CKU

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> -bb posted for "others" also.
> I don't know the LO frequency of the  Parabolics downconverter.  The
> for AO-40 is "around" 145.300 to about 145.370 depending upon doppler, on
> FT-736R.
> I run QuikTrak 5.02 here.  It controls the antennas with KCT and Yaesu
> and it gives me the correct doppler frequency without having to do any
> Depending upon the "freshness" of the keps I put in, and the setting of
> clock, usually the frequency indicated by QT 5.02 is within .0010 of what
> shows up on my FT 736R.  I have not checked calibration on the FT-736R.
> If you are trying to hear AO-40 for the first time, it's tough because you
> are playing with two variables, frequency and antenna pointing.
> My suggestions:
> 1.  Make sure your antenna is pointing towards AO-40, + / - 5 degrees in
> azimuth, elevation does not seem to be that critical, but keep it as close
> as possible.
> 2.  Listen around MA= 230-240, etc.
> 3.  Tune around until you find the signal
> 4.  The signal should be over S9 at this time.
> 5.  Make sure there are no trees between the dish and the satellite.
> 6.  My 3 ft dish outperformed my 10 ft dish on Saturday, when the 10 ft
> had to look up through the trees and my 3 ft dish was in the clear.(P.S.:
> The trees will be gone today).
> 7.  To determine if your system is working at all, try a couple of these
> tricks:  Attach the antenna to the rig while the rig is on and notice if
> there is a noticeable increase in receiver "noise". There should be.  Put
> large glass of water in the microwave oven and run it for about 2 minutes
> while listening to the receiver.  My oven is about 75 ft from the 2.4 GHZ
> antenna, and I hear the "pulsating" signal quite well.
> IMHO, the Parabolics AB downconverter is about as good as they come.
> Nothing here; (2) Trans 3733's and a Cal Amp come close, unless when they
> are connected to the 10 ft dish.  Because the Parabolics AB works so well
> with the Phillips SPG 36, I haven't moved it to the 10 ft dish, (yet).
> BUT, I have heard AO-40 with good signals on the 3733 with the dish that
> came with it, the 3733 with a solid 39 inch DSS dish and, of course,  the
> 3733 and dipole on the 10 ft dish.
> What type of antenna are you using?
> Bob,  AC9R
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