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AO-40 Logo, K3XS style [was: Re: AO-40 -- Thanks!]

Here's *my* little thank-you to everybody who has or will contribute to 
the P3D effort.

I've been putting together something a little special to go on the back 
of my AO-40 first contacts QSL cards (the front will be my usual QSL 
image, see http://voicenet.com/~maggie/mslham.html ).

So I thought I'd let people see what my submission for the AO-40 Logo 
contest will be. No point in making a big secret about it; I would like 
to make it available for use by the AMSAT community *now*, while the 
publicity iron is hot, rather than keeping it secret until July just so 
nobody will copy...I mean *be inspired* by it to create their own 
entries. :-)

AMSAT organisations that would like production-quality versions of the
image (this .jpg is only a sample, JPEGged down to a small size so my 
ISP web hosting account won't get killed) should contact me, and I'll 
produce image files from my large-format originals.


I'm thinking of adding a comet-tail to the tiny sat shown in orbit that
will make it a little more prominant and show that the bird is indeed
*ascendant*. :-)

73 de Maggie K3XS

P.S. I'll produce a spiffier version of just the logo itself for 
submission to the contest in time for the submissions deadline.


Graham Shirville wrote:

> And mine is as well - cheers and lets celebrate!
> and maybe lets also drink to the health of those who are going to contribute
> to AO40 successors!
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> From: Jim Walls <k6ccc@earthlink.net>
>> Jeff Davis wrote:
>>> My champagne glass is raised to all those around the world who worked
> night
>>> and day without pay to take us from a dream to reality!
>> Amen to that!  And thank you Jeff for saying it publicly.

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