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Re: SETI@HOME Status

Absolutely Incredible. Since my posting last nite, we are now up to 84
contributors. Since last Thursday, we have jumped to something like 120th
position in the Clubs listing with over 80,000 work units (or we will, just
as soon as SERT@HOME posts their next updates). We are rapidly closing in on
Paul's SETI League team currently at rank ~100 with ~94,000 units and 2.5
times as many members.

Four new "big guns" joined the AMSAT effort. Without question, the top gun
prize goes to Al (WB1BQE) who joined and added ~25,300 units; This is about
3 times the tally for the previous leader, Bob (N4HY) who has a meager (!)
~8500 work units. Tom (KK4KZ) just joined adding ~7800 units. Joe (KM1P) and
Art (AA3GU) each added about 6000 units and Gary (N7BRJ) added another 1000
early this weekend.

The speed demon awards go to Tom (KK4XZ) with an incredible 7h1m in addition
to his ~7800 units. Meanwhile Jeff (N9AVG) is running an average of 7h50m
per unit, followed by Doug (NA1DB) with 9h7m. Of course these are the
overall average times, and I'm sure that many (like me) crunched a lot of
units at a slow ~30h pace.

Last, but not least, AMSAT-DL president and AO-40 guru Peter (DB2OS) has
just joined the effort.

So far I see participation from 3 continents: NA (W+VE+HR),
Europe(G+DL+HB+I+CT+EI) and Oceana (VK) (hope I didn't miss someone) so this
is truly an international effort!

CQ ET CQ ET CQ ET Please call home !!!

73 de Tom, W3IWI

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