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Question Re: Scrolling pages with Instant Track

I have the updated version of IT.  I cannot figure out how to scroll
backwards in time/date when looking at Ephemeris columns.  I can use the
Enter key to scroll forward, but cannot determine how to scroll
backward, to the date/time that I started.  Is this not an availble
function on IT ??  I have looked at the full help file, as well as the
on screen help, but cannot find the answer.

Anyone know about this??   Any help will be appreciated. 


BTW , good luck to all on AO-40!!!   I operated AO-10 and  AO-13, but
this one looks too complicated for me.  No flames please, just a
realistic comment from an average 40 year ham, with limited technical
inclinations.  I will pursue ISS and the Shuttles, and have had success
and fun with those pursuits  !!

73 and   gud luck to all.....   de   Jim K4PYT
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