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Re: Primer for finding your signal on AO-40

In a message dated 5/6/01 12:03:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time, kk5do@arrl.net 

Hi Bruce,
Good solid information! A couple of quick things.....

> The transponders are "inverting". This means TX on LSB and RX on USB. 
>  There have been some ops that are confused with this and are using USB on 
>  the RX and LSB on the TX. Not that you can't do it but the standard is TX 
>  LSB and RX on USB. Here again, operating experience.

In the second sentence I believe you meant TX on USB and RX on LSB???

>  Now, for those with the Yaesu 736R.
>  I had a Yaesu 736R once upon a time and remember how it works.
>  In order to get your VFO's to turn after you have loaded in a saved memory 
>  location into them, you have to do several steps. 

There is an undocumented key sequence to avoid having to press all the keys 
you suggest on the FT-736R.
Once you have selected SAT mode, and pressed MR to get into memory mode, you 
then select the memory channel pair you want with the channel knob. THEN 
simply press F/C then VFO. This will transfer your memory pair onto VFO's and 
leave you in VFO mode also ready to tune!

Mike, N1JEZ
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