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Squint angles

Could some who knows about these things, explain what figures to put into 
tracking programs that assume the antennas are on the 'correct' side of the 
space craft rather than on the reverse side like AO40's high gain are. I 
have seen bits about reversing the sign on ALON ( to make the current guess 
of 11 into -11 ) and adding or subtracting 180 with ALAT.

I use Logsat which assumes the antennas are where they should be, so I 
assume that I must manipulate these figures to get the real squint angle.

Any help greatly appreciated. The pass this AM in UK was not very good 
signal strength, so unfortunately I did,nt hear any stations. The beacon 
was not quite strong enough to decode telemetry.


      G4DMF  QTHR   IO93HA
      Amsat-UK Member 5372

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