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AO-40 levels

Hi all,
Ed asked for the transmit levels used.

This morning I used 10 - 15 W to a 2x19 el
Tonna on 70 cm. Phased for RHCP.
This made my downlink about 2 - 2.5 S units
below the MB when the squint was very good.

The receive side is two 16 turn helix antennas
stacked vertically. Gain approximately 16 dB.
Receive noise figur approximately 1.2 dB.

When looking at the figures I think it is very
important to remember 3 things.
The first is the squint at the time - the second
is the AGC level. The third thing is that AO-40
uses the helical S-band antenna now.

Taking these three tings into account I think
it will be easier later on.

73 de OZ1MY/Ib

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