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AMSAT support for Operation On Target on Sat., 7/21/200 1!

AMSAT Members,

If ever there was a chance to show HAM radio to kids, this is it.  Since
we have plenty of warning, could we designate 21 July as KIDS SATELLIITE
DAY?  This includes making sure that ISS is in digipeater mode to relay
positions between mountain-top-groups.  Also notice that ANYONE WITH A
MIRROR can participate, not just SCOUTS!  Take your own youth group to
your own  mountain!  WOW, Kids of the world unite!

Ham radio will provide the glue!  (and take FRS along too! get everyone on
the air!)      de WB4APR, Bob

On Sun, 6 May 2001 n7tek@amsat.org asked:

> I need your help to find HAMs to support the annual "Operation On
> Target" event for Varsity and Venture Scouts.  What is On Target?  Well
> in brief its an annual high adventure event held on the 3rd Saturday in July
> (21st) for older Scouts where they climb to a mountain peak or other
> high point [buildings?, Towers?] and attempt to flash mirrors at other
> units on other peaks.  They confirm contacts via Amateur Radio (or cell
> phone)...[or FRS!]

> The goal is to get as many confirmed contacts as possible, to go as far
> as possible, and to try to create a chain of confirmed contacts as long
> as possible (ideally from Mexico to Canada... or Atlantic to Pacific)
> http://www.ontargetbsa.org/what.htm
> http://www.ontargetbsa.org/index.html
> http://www.ontargetbsa.org/HAM_main.htm
> 1.  We need as many Varsity & Venture units to participate as we can get.
> So please talk to the units in your area and see if you can get them to
> participate.  The more units involved the more fun each unit will have.  If
> you can't find a unit in your area that wants to participate grab your HT, a
> mirror, a compass, and some binoculars and participate as a HAM or group of
> HAMs.
> 2.  We need HAMs to support the units in their area either on a mountain
> peak (or high point) or as an Area VHF/HF Gateway station to communicate
> with HAMs in other states and coordinate contacts.  Each state needs to
> determine the simplex or repeater frequencies they will use and get them
> posted on the webpage at:
> http://www.ontargetbsa.org/HAM_hf.htm (if your state is not listed we'll add
> it)
> We still need someone to fill these Area VHF/HF Gateway stations in most
> states.  Typically we have only done this out in the western U.S. but it
> would be REALLY COOL if we could have units and HAMs participating in all
> states (and at the National Jamboree)!
> 3.  Talk to your HAM buddies, and your local clubs and encourage them to
> help out and participate in any way they can.  In many areas HAMs down in
> the valleys have been "bonus" contacts for Scout units in that they pulled
> out a mirror, and their HT and signaled Scout units from their back yards,
> or pulled over to the side of a road and signaled with a mirror from the
> hood of their car, or some have even taken a break at work and walked
> outside for a few minutes to signal the teams in their area.  Every little
> bit helps.
> This can also be used as an ice breaker to introduce Amateur Radio (and
> perhaps talk about the JOTA event coming up in the Fall) to the Scouts in
> your area.  
> If you would like to help please email me at:
> n7tek@amsat.org
> You can also signup for the On Target email list
> "bsa_on_target@yahoogroups.com" by visiting:
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bsa_on_target
> Thank you for you time & 73!
> N7TEK - John Blackham, On Target Communications Coordinator
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> John Blackham, N7TEK
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