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Although less exciting than having AO-40 fired up for the first time, let me
report on the AMSAT SETI@HOME team's progress.

First, I commend an article by our own Paul Shuch (N6TX) in the latest
(May/June 2001) issue of QEX. In particular, see Paul's text (pg.12) and the
sidebar (pg.13) for a description of  what your computer is actually doing
and how you "own" a 9.7 kHz wide "hunk" of spectrum for one particular set
of sky coordinates for each work unit you process.

It's less than 3 weeks since I suggested that AMSAT folks start contributing
to the SETI@HOME effort as a team. In that time, 71 individuals have heeded
the call and AMSAT has accounted for a total of 49421 work units as seen at

If you look at the groups (teams) listing for clubs at
you will see that the "top 100 clubs" (which actually shows 200, not 100
teams) shows position #200 being held by Team Bulgaria with 49362 work
units. Since I don't know how often the "top guns" entries are regenerated,
it appears that there is a good chance that AMSAT has, in less than three
weeks, broken into the Top 200 list!

For those of you who are not yet donating your spare CPU cycles (and a bit
of electricity), you can join the SETI@HOME effort. Simply go to
http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu and download the SETI "engine" (available
for Windoze, Mac, Linux, etc) using your Email address as an account name.
Then go to
and click JOIN.

Thanks for participating. May ET Call Home Real Soon Now!

73 de Tom, W3IWI


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