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Toko S-Band Dielectric Filters

G0MRF, et al

I saw the following advertisement in EE Times:


At first, the attenuation curve for this new part seemed
to be quite different (much more narrow) than that of
the TDF2A-2450T-10.  However, it turned out that the
"SPAN" of the plot for the TDFS8A was twice that of the
TDF2A, making the curve look much different.

A closer inspection seems to indicate quite similar
attenuation characteristics except for the following:

Passband Insertion Loss: 1.32 (TDFS8A) Vs 0.97 (TDF2A)
Passband Ripple:	       0.26 (TDFS8A) Vs 0.16 (TDF2A)	
Passband VSWR:  	       1.39 (TDFS8A) Vs 1.64 (TDF2A)

Toko pointed me to Avnet, Digikey and Sager.

None would break a reel.

I called Toko back and they contacted Avnet.

I now have three sample pieces and a quote from
Avnet of:

$2.69 ea at 100 pieces 

$1.79 ea at 500 pieces

I have not tried the filter out in my Drake as a replacement for
the TDF2A.  Also, since the size is 3.2 mm x 3.0 mm x 1.8 mm,
this part may be hard to work with.

Any thoughts on the usefulness of this smaller part in the Drake?

This email is meant as a solicitation for comments regarding
suitable bandpass filters for the Drake.  I would welcome any
comments and helpful hints that any more experienced Drake
engineers might have.

Bill, WA6QGR

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