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First day AO-40 results

I turned the rig on at 1000Z and heard signals right away. I
spent 15 minutes finding my downlink  and then worked my first
station on CW. The beacon peaked at an S6 and I found that
none of the people I heard and/or worked approached this level.
Typical were signal levels about S2 to S3 but had no problem
working them. All were Q5.

Stations worked were W4MVB, W7AM, VE3FRH, W0OQC, W3SZ, K5QXJ, 
WL7BQM, N6ORS or DRS (cant read my writing) WD4FAB, W5VZF, KA2QYE 
and last but certainly not least Maggie K3XS. 

Uplink FT736R UHF with about 50 watts to 50 feet RG8 to a 
K2RIW 19 ele Vertically polarized beam.

Down link FT726R, Drake converter with IF mods only, a Conifer
preamp (10 db gain 2 db NF). Antenna 4 foot solid Andrews dish
with a coffee can feed linear polarization.

Lessons learned: Learn how to use the FT736R with all the
bells and whistles for TX and RX. 
Get the computers to control the antennas. Four rotor boxes, 2 rigs
is just too much.

But I had a great time.  Congrats to the AO-40 team. See you all
next time.

Jack W4AD
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