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Fw: InstantTrack question + some observations

Can someone tell me what the correct Instantrack parameters would be for
AO-40 US (UHF uplink, S2 downlink, DEM converter 2400-->144? Radio is an
FT-847. For some reason, when I activate InstantTune, the Tx goes to 28 Mhz.
Obviously, this is pilot error. Had to make my contact the old fashioned

Thanks to the command team for their tireless efforts. The results were
evident today. I copied the beacon virtually error free every time I checked
it, starting at 0415Z all the way to 1430Z, and copied many solid QSOs both
in CW and SSB.

I have to say I'm still quite confused about the effects of doppler both on
the uplink and downlink. Had a devil of a time figuring out where to listen
for my uplink.

But finally, literally at the 11th hour when the satellite approached MA240,
I made my first QSO with Jess, W4MVB. That was after swapping my Cubex quad
for a 14 ele Cushcraft Uhf yagi. Made all the difference!

Congrats to all -- both those who were successful, and those who tried
mightily but were not. I think we all learned something today.

73, Art

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