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AO-40: First uplink trial disappointing.....

Hi Robert,
My uplink set is similar to yours, a single 13dBi 11 elYagi (Cushcraft 
A44911S in vertical pol) and 50 Watts (FT-847). With this set (very modest) I 
was able to uplink from MA 211 this morning with very good donwlink signals  
S up to 9 and R5, excellent for SSB (D/Link antenna today was a 28 turn 
helix) . If I remember well I think you were not on the footprint at this 
time, before that -when Germany was clearly in the footprint- I tried and was 
not able to copy my downlink. I don't know exactly why but I spent a lot of 
time (nervous and excited) to find my D/link signal. I was hearing very well 
the NA stations my copy was no so good from the EU stations. At the time I 
had to leave 12:30 UTC, the signals were really strong (S9).
So, do not despair wait for a better conditions you are gonna enjoy it!!!
73 de antonio

Antonio Fernandez, M.D. KC2HAX / EA4LE
Belle Mead, NJ
e-mail: kc2hax@amsat.org

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>  Date: Sat, 05 May 2001 10:34:58 +0000
>  From: Robert Knoblach <Robert@Knoblach-online.de>
>  Subject: [amsat-bb] AO-40: First uplink trial disappointing.....
>  Hello,
>  my first uplink try with AO-40´s transponder on May, 5´th between
>  08:00 and 09:00 UTC results following:
>  Location: JN57QS, Bavaria, Germany
>  RX:        MB with 1.2m Dish S3-S5, loud and clear, all telemetry
>                blocks CRC Ok.
>  TX:        L-Band :10 Watt rhcp,  1,2m Dish: no signal back to receive!
>                U-Band: 10 Watt rhcp, 13 dB Yagi: no signal back to
>  receive!
>                U-Band: 70 Watt rhcp, 13 dB Yagi: very weak signal, S0, no
>  SSB possible
>  73´s de Robert, DD4YR
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