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Re: Alan Shepard anniversary

Hi Guys,

My daughter gave me the book several months ago.  I met him in Dallas at an
Alumni meeting.  It was on the same day as the tragic Apollo module fire at
the Cape.  While he was giving his talk, we didn't know that the fire had
happened, but he had already heard about it and completed the talk, leaving
immediately afterward for the Cape.  We were told after he left, what had
happened.  The book, "Moon Shot", tells this a bit differently, but he did
stay until he completed the talk all the time knowing what had happened.  I
wrote the author about the discrepancy, but never got a reply.

Peter Guelzow wrote:
> I had the honor to meet Alan Shepard a couple of years
> ago and got from him a personally signed copy of his and
> Deke Slayton's book "Moon Shot" (ISBN 1-878685-54-6)...
>  A must read!!!!
> I don't remember which year, but it was STS-68 Landing day.
> I had a VIP pass to see the landing, but it landed at Edward's
> base due to bad weather in Florida.  But I was very lucky to
> unexpectedly meet Alan Shepard that day and so I was not
> disappointed.
> Well, I haven't counted how many times and how many weeks I
> spent in Orlando at the P3D lab over all these years, but I
> never had the luck to see *any* Space Shuttle launch or landing.
> Ah, my record with Ariane was *much* better last year, 4 Ariane-4
> launches and 2 Ariane-5 launches.. and all in one row  :)
> 73s Peter DB2OS
> John Heath wrote:
> >
> > Saturday May 5th marks the 40th anniversary of  the launch of
> > Mercury-Redstone-3,  the first manned American Spaceflight.
> >
> > Alan B Shepard experienced micro gravity for some 5 minutes 15 seconds
> > during his sub orbital flight which reached an apogee of 187Km.
> > (Spaceflight magazine May 2001)
> >
> > GB1MSF,   Manned Space Flight,   will be active on the analogue satellites
> > to commemorate the event.
> > This special call has been active since April 12th, the 40th anniversary of
> > Gagarins historic flight in 1961
> > Our last day of operating will be May 10th.
> >
> > Special Event QSL card   via the bureau,  or direct to G8ATE,  with an
> > addressed envelope and an IRC.
> >
> > 73
> >
> > Robert G8ATE, Matt G7OBR, John G7HIA
> > with thanks to all the stations  who have worked us so far.
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73, Roy

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