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First Day on AO-40

A short summary of my first day on AO-40:

Location: Vienna, Austria, JN88DF
Downlink configuration: 1.2 m (4 foot) dish, 3.5 turn helix,
   preamp (tuned to 2.32 GHz), 10m H2000, IC-970D with UX98
Uplink: IC-471H (less than 50W at antenna), 2x20 el. X Yagi, RHCP,
   (I have some suspicion that one dipole might have corroded

>From MA 100 (03:40 UT) to MA 159 (08:01 UT) middle beacon, 1031 valid 
telemetry blocks (625 A blocks), partially unattended operation - 
just to give you a feeling for the downlink capabilities.
U-Rx AGC at 08:01 already 8.3 dB.

Initially problems finding my own downlink, hearing VE3NPC, I8CVS
and others. Finally around 08:20 first (and only) contact with
Bill, W0OQC, lasting 15 minutes - report from Bill 53 and  
- obviously very honest - 41/QSB from my side.
LOS before 09:00 UT (elevation below 3 degrees and AO-40 hiding behind 
the hills of the Vienna Woods)

I was a bit disappointed, but when reading other reports from Europe,
I am happy to have done it on the very first day - despite not
very favorable squint angles. 
Many thanks to Bill, W0OQC, for his patience!

	Vy 73 de Viktor, OE1VKW
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