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InstantTrace 1.5 and CE

Need Help
I just can't get InstantTrack to indicate the time correctly on my NEC
MobilePro 750C running CE 2.0. I either use PocketDos or XT-CE on the
H/PC. Everything (except map) comes up OK, but not the time of a pass,
in fact any time through the program. I get garbage characters, that
look like hex (l7e4). I transferred all the normal files of InstantTrack
to the CE device, including ITNCP, which is a software co-processor,
which must be run, instead of IT. The same InstantTrack works fine on my
regular PC. My QTH is in PDT and I set TZ=PST8PDT in autoexec.bat, but
don't think thats the problem

Apparently, the time is somehow not getting passed to the program,
properly. I have no idea what to do. I've tried playing with some of the
options of XT-CE, but no joy. The time looks good at on the tray of the
H/PC when you first startup with the desktop. No problems with any other
programs. I sure like the H/PC because programs start in seconds (no
HD), and it would be great to check a satellite, without having to bring
up the main PC.

Any ideas?

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