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Re: Survey: L and S minimums


I found I could hear the beacon at 54,400 using a Drake with the "easy
mods" as described by Bruce but had a lot of trouble hearing the signals
on the transponder. The antenna is Myers BBQ grill.  I have about 50
ft of RG-59 between the antenna and the RX which is a FT-736. Even at near
transponder cut-off I was still having difficulty.  There were no signals
anywhere near as strong as the beacon.

The uplink was on 435 Mhz using an old home brew helix from early AO-13
days.  I think it has 12 turns.  I had 85 watts available but didn't need
that to hear my dl. I could hear it with less than 25 watts but comms
would not have been satisfactory except maybe CW.

>From what I experienced and the comments on here and on the IRC, I would
suspect that the transponder was not running full output power.  Anyone on
the command team care to comment on this?  If it was, then I definitely
have to work on my down link system.  I never saw the S-meter move on any
signal on the transponder.

Up until now we have had no tips on using or not using the beacon level as
guide as in AO-13 days.  I suspect many tried it.  I did but found very
quickly that I could not get there so just listened and backed off to
where I felt comfortable with my dl strength.  This was at about 45 watts.

Worked the following:


Heard many more but was really trying to evaluate my overall system and
listened more than I talked and did some power experiments on the uplink.

Hat's off to the command team.  Great job all.  Looking forward to another
try at it.


Dr. Jim Akers
Dept. of Electrical 
and Computer Engineering
Miss. State Univ. 

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