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Re: AiDC-3733

Albrecht von Hessberg wrote:
> Hello to all,
> I am using an  AiDC-3733 converter mounted at a 80 cm dish, but I hear
> nothing from AO-40 beacon.
> I neither can hear the sun's noise. I am wondering why. The supply voltage
> is only 12 Volts. Should it be higher? In the data sheet is more than 15
> Volts noted.
> How many dB noise could I expect from the sun relative to the noise from
> other directions?
> I wanted to use the sun's signal to find the exact focus of the dish.
> Thanks in advance.
> Albrecht von Hessberg DF 9 LC

Yes Albrecht , you need to run at least 15 volts , as the converter uses
a 12 volt regulator and will low voltage shutdown around 12.5 I think ,
so 12 won't work , sorry ....


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