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Survey: L and S minimums

Hi, All:
        Wow, AO40 was terrific on this first morning of transponder
operation! After almost 10 years, what a thrill! Heartfelt thanks to all
those who have busted their backends for so many years. You are

        I would like some information. I have updated "Mode S: The Book"
and it will be available at Dayton and I still have one shot to add
information before it's printed (really!). So, of all you hi-freaks (pun?)
who were operating modes U/S and L/S today, please write back to me:
1) S-band downlink antenna size: WD4FAB was using a homebrew 16 turn helix
and SSB UEK2000 converter and was hearing just fine. Anybody else using
tiny antennas with good results? Most people I talked to were using small
dishes (the truncated-parabola, "barbeque grill" style). Hearing was
generally quite good (especially toward the end of the period). What were
you all using?
How were the downlinks in Europe at earlier MA's?
2) L-band uplink: those who experimented with 1269 MHz uplink, how much
power and what antennas were you using? How were your signals? I had quite
good reports with my 6-foot loop yagi (cut for 1296, not 1269) and maybe 30
watts (don't know exactly). (Which, incidently, I found surprising because
I was desensing myself almost completely. It was so bad, I had a lot of
trouble finding my own downlink with L-up. The fun of homebrew.). 

Let me know!


Ed Krome K9EK
editor/author "Mode S: The Book;   2001 Update for AO-40"
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