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Re: AO-40 tests

>I'm quite pleased with the final Mode S receive system here. It's based on a 
>Meyers dish, DB6NT preamp and Drake 2880. Signal strength was S4-5 with an S0 
>noise floor. This translates to ~12 dB S/N on my IF.

I plan to order the 13ULNAK kit from DownEast and running a
similar setup.   I was thinking of making a tin box for the preamp, of which
one side would be part of the helical reflector, and then using the 
self-amalgamating rubber tape to waterproof the whole assembly.

Then I was going to feed the preamp into one of those 19880 2.4 gHz
bandpass filters, and run coax from that back to the crossboom ,
where I'd mount the Drake 2880.  RG-6 would be run back to the
shack, with a step attenuator before the 2m IF.

Will running the bandpass filter after the 13ULNAK affect the noise
temperature of my pre-amp?  What other waterproofing measures can
I take for my homemade preamp box?

I *wish* I were up and running for the test this weekend.  oh well.

73 de Russ va3rr

73 de va3rr/aa8lu
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