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ao40 equip. checkout

Hi Guys,

I tested both the transsystem and drake this morning on ao40 telemetry,
The transsystem has the 2ft bbq dish with the converter mounted all the
way forward (24db)
the only mods are the stub is removed and the imput filter is shorted
out to the last resonator
with a piece of silver wire.
The drake has the filter mods and IF mods and a low noise transistor in
the front end (not the mmic)

The transsys was able to pick up the beacon at MA 142 and copy bad block
occasionaly , at this
time the signal on the drake was barely audiable.. the drake was set
aside for casual listening.

the local time was about 5am, no sunrise. By Ma157 ao40 rcv was
capturing blocks regularly but
none with good crc's. I found it seemed to work better with the center
freq on about 2k. It may
be different with different sound cards and computers (btw, i use an old
SB16 it seems to work
better then 3 other cards i tested, i believe cause there is less noise
on it)

** At Local sunrise i noticed a marked decrease in signal strength. i
believe due to reflection or
absorption in the ionosphere.. dont know, but it was definaltely there.
This may be the reason
some of you dont hear it till later. the signal dropped from almost able
to copy good crc's to
down in the noise..

see you on the bird on saturday..
Keith N6ORS.

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