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Re: AO-40: Going "LIVE" - Saturday!!!!

Howard Long wrote:

> In view of this great news, may I suggest that we congregate on #amsat IRC
> at 0800Z?

Well, I had assumed the usual suspects would be there. :-)

I don't know if y'all will see me right at the crack of 0800z...which is 
0400 Eastern Daylight Time in the US; a girl needs her beauty sleep. 
Especially this one.

But if I can drag my weary butt outta bed and focus my eyes well enough 
to not endanger my Millicom, I'd have to be a fool to miss the 
opportunity to combine a first-day QSO with first true satellite DX.

My tracker also calls 0800z as MA159, and from here in FN20hd the bird 
will be az 147 el 47.

#amsat on irc.chatnet.org has been an incredible vigil from launch day 
through to tomorrow's satellite equivilant of the astronomer's "first 
light"...I've been enriched by the cameraderie.

73 de Maggie K3XS

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