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RE: Optical COmms experiment

> And perpetuate CW!.... <grin>

Indeed!  But what a fun way to do it? :-)  I can just see it getting the
kids out in the night flashing secret messages with their torches, in
between satellite passes. :-)  One thing CW needs is a new image, and it
doesn't have to be boring.

> I am not a CW buff, but with two young kids who just got 

Neither am I, just someone who sees value in having useful skills that most
people don't have, and believes in making it fun to have as well. :)

> their licenses, I
> am convinced that KIDS love learning a secret code.  And CW 

So am I!  At one of our publicity days here, we had a young kid come up,
fascinated with the Morse key.  He liked the idea of a "secret code" that
few (and now fewer) people know! :)

> as a scouting
> "achievement" (with flashing light) is no more dead than 
> learning how to
> tie a bowline and a tautline hitch...   (although dying...)

Gee, I tied my first bowline 6 months ago, that was a buzz too! :)  That was
in the same course where I trained a group of people to spot satellites in
the sky! :)
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