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RE: Optical COmms experiment

> OPTIsat would be a 4" cube satellite with 225 bright LEDs on 
> the bottom.
> The uplink would be 70 cm CW.  THe downlink would be visual CW.  Peak
> LED power would be about 10w (does anyone know the power efficiency of
> LED's?)

I have a strange fascination for this idea..  Seems like something that
could be quite fun.  Brings back memories of the days just before I got my
licence and was studying for the CW test.  A friend and I used to exchange
messages in Morse while stopped at traffic lights by flashing our stop
lights.  This kind of brings back memories. :-)

Then there's the other week when another ham spotted me and sent "CQ" in
Morse on the horn.  That had the desired effect, gave him a call on the club
frequency! :)

And who says Morse is boring? LOL
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