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Re: non-standard ISS transmissions


Dr. Norm Thagard never had a ham license at all.

At 11:02 5/3/01 -0400, Bill Jones wrote:

>On the last ISS pass, when the footprint came in view, I didn't hear
>anything at first, so I started scanning, and I ran across what I
>think was Susan talking in Russian to people at Houston.  I have
>heard this sort of thing numerous times on the 143.625 freq back
>when MIR was active, but this transmission was in the 2M amateur
>band, and she never gave a call-sign.
>     This doesn't seem legal to me, but also, I can't figure out why
>they just don't use the 143.625 freq that they used to use with MIR.
>It almost sounds like the radio they now use doesn't do the 143
>freq, so they were stuck with using something that their ham rig
>could handle.  Or perhaps they only have one antenna available,
>and it is just easier to use the ham rig for everything.
>    Anyway, this just doesn't sound proper, ie a US ham speaking
>Russian and never giving a call-sign in the 2M band.
>    Right after the transmission ended in Russian, I switched back to
>145.8, and Susan was back there doing voice QSOs on the regular
>frequency, so they seem to have a rig pre-programmed with several
>uplink/downlind frequencies that they can quickly go back and forth
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