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Re: Field Day hopes

David Rush wrote:

A friend and I are attempting to assemble a satellite station for Field Day this year.  We've got my FT736R and a 100 watt brick for 70cm.  I've got an Arrow Antenna on order...

Wayne replies:
Besides FO-20 and FO-29 which have been recommended by several others, try to scrounge a 10m SSB receiver and throw up a low 10m inverted Vee to make contacts on RS-12 (2m uplink 10m downlink).  The apex of the inverted vee should only be about 12 feet high so that ground reflection gives you a nearly hemispheric gain pattern.   25W to an Arrow antenna should be fine for the 2m uplink on RS-12, FO-20, and FO-29.  FO-20 will probably only be usable during daylight passes.

Use a camera tripod if you are short of helping hands to hold the Arrow antenna.  You should only need to tweak the Az/El every 3 minutes or so for passes below 40 degrees, more often at the middle of a really high pass.  The Arrow antenna has a threaded tripod mount under the rubber hand grip.

See you on Field Day!  I'll be operating the satellite station for K9KM 2A IL.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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