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Re: AO-40: RUDAK is On!!

Are there still plans to load digipeater and PACSAT software onto RUDAK? How
much power will now be allocated to downlinks?

I was planning on building an S-band helix antenna this weekend and need to
know how much gain will be required for digital modes. The 1999 Handbook
states that a G/T of 0.53/Kelvin is required for an S-band analog downlink
and implies that 6 dB more gain is required for digital modes.  Is this
still correct?



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> The RUDAK A and B processors are more or less identical, and can be
> relatively independently.  They are in the same box, however, and the IHU
> has one power control for the box.
> If everything works (and we're still way too early in the turn-on process
> know that yet), it's entirely possible for both RUDAK CPU's to be up and
> running and doing entirely different things.
> 73 - Bdale, KB0G

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