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Re: AO-40: RUDAK is On!!

rlong3@columbus.rr.com (Ronald K. Long) writes:

> Very interesting. Can someone from the RUDAK team comment a bit about the 
> two Rudak processors. Are they simply duplicates in case one fails due to 
> radiation or another problem? Or are they independent so that you could run 
> both of them, perhaps one monitoring one experiment and the other one a 
> different experiment? Or do both processors work together on a single task? 
> Maybe all of the above?

The RUDAK A and B processors are more or less identical, and can be operated
relatively independently.  They are in the same box, however, and the IHU only
has one power control for the box.

If everything works (and we're still way too early in the turn-on process to
know that yet), it's entirely possible for both RUDAK CPU's to be up and
running and doing entirely different things.

73 - Bdale, KB0G
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