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2401 MHZ filters by Toko

The current Digi-Key catalog lists a pair of dielectric filters by Toko for 
2450 MHZ, with a plus or minus 50 MHZ passband.  This puts it right on 2400 
MHZ at the lower limit, with response to 2500 MHZ -- the low side LO and 
image will be way down through one of these.  The 2 pole filter measures .5" 
X .5" X .2" and is small enough to easily replace the stripline filter in the 
AIDC 3733 and most other downconverters.

A dielectric filter uses a ceramic dielectric that has been plated to form a 
small internal cavity/tuned line and they are not readily tunable.  I haven't 
tried them yet, I am just going by the spec's.

The Digi-Key part numbers are:
2 POLE FILTER --- TKS 2610CT-ND @ $13.92 each.
3 POLE FILTER --- TKS 2618CT-ND @ $20.88 each.

Bob Seydler

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