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Re: Alan Shepard anniversary

I had the honor to meet Alan Shepard a couple of years
ago and got from him a personally signed copy of his and 
Deke Slayton's book "Moon Shot" (ISBN 1-878685-54-6)... 

 A must read!!!!

I don't remember which year, but it was STS-68 Landing day.
I had a VIP pass to see the landing, but it landed at Edward's
base due to bad weather in Florida.  But I was very lucky to 
unexpectedly meet Alan Shepard that day and so I was not 

Well, I haven't counted how many times and how many weeks I 
spent in Orlando at the P3D lab over all these years, but I 
never had the luck to see *any* Space Shuttle launch or landing. 

Ah, my record with Ariane was *much* better last year, 4 Ariane-4
launches and 2 Ariane-5 launches.. and all in one row  :)

73s Peter DB2OS

John Heath wrote:
> Saturday May 5th marks the 40th anniversary of  the launch of
> Mercury-Redstone-3,  the first manned American Spaceflight.
> Alan B Shepard experienced micro gravity for some 5 minutes 15 seconds
> during his sub orbital flight which reached an apogee of 187Km.
> (Spaceflight magazine May 2001)
> GB1MSF,   Manned Space Flight,   will be active on the analogue satellites
> to commemorate the event.
> This special call has been active since April 12th, the 40th anniversary of
> Gagarins historic flight in 1961
> Our last day of operating will be May 10th.
> Special Event QSL card   via the bureau,  or direct to G8ATE,  with an
> addressed envelope and an IRC.
> 73
> Robert G8ATE, Matt G7OBR, John G7HIA
> with thanks to all the stations  who have worked us so far.

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