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Field Day Hopes

To those more experienced than I (read: just about everyone on this list):

A friend and I are attempting to assemble a satellite station for Field Day this year.  We've got my FT736R and a 100 watt brick for 70cm.

At a minimum, I've got an Arrow Antenna on order which hopefully will soon be riding around my hometown in a big brown truck.  With that we 
hope to at least contribute to the Field Day pileups on AO27 and/or UO14.

I've done some orbital predictions on Field Day for AO-10 - there's one 9-hour pass for our location (northeast Kansas) that peaks at a 
whopping 5 degree elevation.  Any bets on whether AO-10 will be in the mood to play?  We're resurrecting a 10+10 element CP yagi for 2m 
from a junk pile, and plan to check out a used 20+20 element CP yagi for 70cm tonight.

Do we have a snowball's chance of success on AO-10?

We'll need to build some sort of manual az-el mount for the antennas (anybody got any good home-brew elevation

I've got a Drake (as of yet unmodified) and an old 60 cm dish just begging for a 2.4 GHz feed to be made, in the hopes that AO-40 might be 
ready to play.

David, ky0dr

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