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RE: 2.4 Gig Bandplan for AO-40

Hello Maggie

Yes on re-reading what I said the notion of upconverter is rather out of
place here. So strike that. I should've said 'transmit converter'. Here's
what I should've said:

'To receive _all_ AO-40 S-band signals you only need to be able to receive
between 2400 and 2402MHz'.

And I got the URL a bit wrong. Durr. Another aberration.

DEM are indeed touting their S Band receive converter as being capable of
tuning to 2446MHz with a crystal change. This won't help you receive
anything from AO-40. That's what's _really_ confusing - it had indeed got my
thinking the same thoughts as Mark has had a few weeks ago.

If you want to check the functioning of a 2446MHz Transmit Converter (oops
nearly said upconverter again) it might be handy. I'm not sure quite how
much use a ground station S-band Transmit Converter will be in view of the
current status of AO-40's U & V band transmitters.

73 Howard G6LVB

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