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Re:keeping connections reliable with DEOXIT

Jesse wrote:
I am a big fan of DEOXIT D5 from Caig Laboratories for cleaning and
preserving contacts in relays and pots.  It works wonders.  If I remember
correctly it began life more than 25 or 30 years ago as Red Cramolin (or
some such name).  My memory (which isn't too good these days) tells me
that the company was then located in NJ or NY.

I use D5 on pots. Works great.

I have a pair of 6-pin Cinch-Jones connectors to quick-connect the G-5400B rotor.
When disconnected, I hang the C-J male ends out the window. After a few weeks in the humid air,
the male ends would get dark with some kind of funk, and have to be polished before the rotor would reliably work.

D5 was not "heavy duty" enough for this outdoor application, so I tried "B5 PreServIT" spray.
It's been a couple of months now, and the rotors work every time I plug them in.
Great stuff.

Here's the URL to Caig.. Note that the part designations have changed over the years...for instance:
Cramolin B-5 spray is now called   PreservIT P5.



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