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Re: [aprssig] APRStk update for ISS!

An updated copy of APRStk.exe and support files has been posted at


PKunzip -d it into a working APRSdos directory and use APRStk instead of
your usual APRSdos.  This version fixes the INPUT-MY-FREQ command and
simplifies the INPUT-KEPS commands.  It is ideal for working ISS UI packet
since it not only tracks all the satellites but also serves as your
keyboard and display screen for communicating with other users via ISS.

> APRStk is a version of APRSdos that auto-tracks and tunes the Kenwood
> radios to monitor all dozen or so amateur FM and packet satellites and
> ISS.   If you use a beam to extend your listening enjoyment from horizon
> to horizon instead of just the centeral few minutes you hear on an omni,
> APRStk will also drive any cheap 30V AC rotator (such as the R.S.
> $64 ARCHEROTATOR) with a little 2 transistor interface onnn your LPT1
> port.


de WB4APR, Bob

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