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Re: [psk31] Re: PSK-31 Parrot 10m Xponder?

On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, I wrote:

> To test the 10m satellite PSK-31 Parrot Transponder concept.  I cobbled
> together a prototype and put it on 28.150.000 USB for a test.  It is on
> a 20 second cycle using a 25 watt 10m rig.  The CW Id is set at about
] 800 HZ and averages about 4 Watts.  The device will parrot anything
] (CW, PSK-31, etc) that it hears in the 2.4 Khz pasband.

This Parrot has been on the air now for over 7 weeks and  has proved that
it is a viable low-cost, tiny 10m Satellite mode that can fit into a
softball sized satellite.  I have had QSL's from as far away as
Australia.  THe reason I have left it on after the initial test was
because the 20 second parrot module is only rated for 100,000 r/w cycles.
That is 46 days and we are now past that milestone.  I will probably keep
it on for another 45 days to see the 3 dB point?

de WB4APR, Bob

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