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RE: 2.4 Gig Bandplan for AO-40

Hello Mark

> I'm in the process of aquiring a 2.4 Gig downconverter for use with AO-40.

-- snip --

> it "may be ordered with the optional Xtal for operation on 2446 MhZ when
> frequency becomes available".

This is confusing! If it's a downconverter (as opposed to upconverter, or
indeed a transverter), the ability to receive in 2400MHz to 2402MHz is all
you need.

S1 Analog  Downlink 2400.225-2400.475
S1 Digital Downlink 2400.650-2400.950
S2 Analog  Downlink 2401.225-2401.475
S2 Digital Downlink 2401.650-2401.950

It's only if you're proposing to uplink on the S-Band that you may need
coverage at 2446MHz:

S1 Analog  Uplink   2400.350-2400.600
S1 Digital Uplink   2400.100-2400.350
S2 Analog  Uplink   2446.450-2446.700
S2 Digital Uplink   2446.200-2446.450

(source: http://www.amsat-dl/p3dqrg.html )

73 Howard G6LVB

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