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"new" N connectors

I've had very good luck with these over the last few years.  The O-ring
in the "outer" section does a good job of sealing things but I use
cold-shrink tape over all my outside connectors.  The stuff conforms to
the connector shape very well and comes off clean as a whistle.  In
spots that are *really* exposed I cover the cold-shrink tape with Coax
Seal.  No water drop would *dare* try to get inside that.

Tinning the stranded center conductor of LMR-400UF makes it too big to
fit the center pin.  I just file it down a bit and it slips right in.

Another nice thing about these connectors is that they use the UG
adapters for RG-8X and RG-58 so making short jumpers is very easy.

Dave Reinhart

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