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P3T on Windows 98 - 2000me FIXED

Thanks to all of you for your fast responses. IT IS FIXED. The winning
advice was Steve Diggs, W4EPI. I have placed his advice below for anyone
else that has the problem.
Boy, this would have taken weeks without the internet and a generous buck of
fellow & gals who are so willing to share. What a pleasure!
Gunther Meisse
P.S. I just did a search for the file in windows explorer. It found multiple
"hosts" files and I changed them all.

Steve wrote:

Hi Gunther,

The error you report is a common, first time error with P3T. Several
different corrective steps:

1. In the TCP/IP window, click TCP/IP Off, then go back to Client (data in)
and try again.
	Sometimes this fixes it alone.

2. If it doesn't, find the file c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (you may
have to substitute "windows" for "winnt")
	Add a line that says	garc9.gsfc.nasa.gov

One of these two should fix it. The good news is...once it goes away, it
doesn't come back.

Steve Diggs, W4EPI

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