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Re: AO-40: RUDAK is On!!

Margaret Leber wrote:

> Of course, I guess we should be prepared for a flood of "What's a
> RUDAK?" posts.

A number of people have been taking me to task, some privately, some publically,
for being flip above. I can only plead that the smiley I was *thinking* at the
end of the sentence didn't actually get typed, because I was (note timestamp) up
*much* earlier than usual searching for a hint of the S2 beacon a bit before it
was quite ready to be heard this morning. 
I suppose the RUDAK has been one of the less-conspicuous elements of the AO-40
systems, and my thought was that reactions of "What's a RUDAK?" would be the
inevitable result. But the basic elements of it *are* in the available
documentation, only three mouse-clicks from the top of the AMSAT-NA website:


...so it's not exactly a big secret.  

To people who took umbrage at my somewhat sleepy posting, my apologies. 

73 de Maggie K3XS

I was also up late working on an entry for the AO-40 logo contest...sorry guys,
no battle damage.  

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