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Re: Type N connectors question for the experts.

>I guess I never did understand all the fuss - I don't find the clamp
>type to be at all difficult to install.  If properly done, they will
>never need to be re-done.  You guys can just send me all your icky
>clamp-style connectors if you want... :-)

I find the two-piece units to be much easier to install.  This is due largely to the fact that you can look at it and figure it out, and there's only one 
way to put it together (not to mention the fact that you don't have to remember to slide anything down the coax before installing any other 
parts).  The clamp style has several pieces to it, and you (at least I) need a reference (at least until you've done some) to figure out how to put 
the darned things together.  I know I've sliced up gaskets and pinched off shield braid trying to get them together.  Then I found the two-
piecers, and I'm sold.

Sorry, I don't have any clampers to send you!

David, ky0dr

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