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Re: exciting competition for AO40

Do you want the logo with a hole blown out the side and parts hanging out , 
or the way we all wish the satellite really was?

At 08:44 PM 4/30/01 +0100, "Graham Shirville" <g.shirville@btinternet.com> 

>AMSAT-UK is delighted to announce a special design competition to develop a
>new logo for Oscar AO40!
>We are looking forward to receiving lots of entries and being able to add
>to the funds that support the development of our amateur satellites.
>To design a new logo for the AMSAT OSCAR 40 satellite to supersede the
>existing P3D logo. To help publicise the existence of this major new amateur
>radio achievement. To contribute to AMSAT funding.
>A competition which is open to all-comers, requiring the design of a badge
>that can be employed as a visual  tag for AO40 in print and on websites,
>ties, patches etc.
>The graphic will be produced in electronic format in high resolution colour
>suitable for use on  large posters as well. (the winning graphic would also
>need to be suitable for reproduction in Black/White).
>Copyright or a free licence to use it will transfer to all AMSAT groups upon
>acceptance of the design.
>Selection of the winner will be by a judging panel comprising of all
>attendees at the  AMSAT-UK Colloquium in July 2001 with the senior(ranking)
>AMSAT Officer present having overall right of acceptance.
>Closing date of competition 15th July 2001
>Announcement of winner and publication of winning entry July 29th 2001
>Prize for the winner - Accolades from their fellow amateurs around the world
>and free membership of AMSAT-UK for one year!
>Prize for the P3D fund (or its successor) via AMSAT-UK - an anonymous
>donation of UKP 250
>Entries should be submitted by electronic means in gif or jpeg PC format by
>15th July 2001 to g3vzv@amsat.org who will also answer any queries you may
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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