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Top 100 Brightest Satellites

I just posted an IT.ORB formatted file named VISUAL.ORB that contains the
100 or so brightest satellites (and rocket bodies).  I built this so that
our astronomers could have InstanTrack running in the observatory and not
only see what satellites are in view, but also as a magnet to attract
people to satellties.  

During public tours, you have one person peering through the telescope and
40 standing around outside with nothing to do...  With this file running
in InstanTrack, they can search for visual objects!  (I also left the
amateur satellites in there).

Since no one responded to my request a week or so ago for such a file, I
figured I would take the time to build it.  Hope you find it useful.
TO use it, copy your favorite IT.ORB file to MINE.ORB and then copy my
VISUAL.ORB to IT.ORB for your viewing pleasure.

You can download it from


Update it at any time with the VISUAL.TXT file from Celestrack...

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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