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Re: AO-40: RUDAK is On!!

Howard Long wrote:

> Seriously, I think that's a good question! What sorts of things will the
> Rudak enable us to do?

Two processors, 32 meg of ram and a boatload of modems...all kinds of 
stuff from a spaceborne BBS type of operatrion to relaying audio/video 
streams I would imagine. All a matter of what programming it's running 
at any given time. I wonder if the HB9JNX soundcard modem will play nice 
with the hardware modems on-board? Seems to me I recall it doing 9.6psk.

At one point Bdale sounded like he knew what was going on with RUDAK, 
maybe we can get him to brief us..
73 de Maggie K3XS

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