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AO40 Internet Telemetry and P3T Query

I was connected to the GARC telemetry server with telnet and logging
everything I received.  I wanted to see what the data stream looked like.  I
noticed that the sync bytes are different than that in the telemetry
specifications.  The spec says the sync bytes are 39 15 ED 30 (hex).  When I
look at my captured log file from telnet with a hex file editor, the pattern
I see is 28 86 B4 04 (hex).  What gives?

I guess what I am after is, what is the specifications of the data stream
over the internet?  Does it follow the telemetry specifications?  What does
P3T do to the data before it is sent over the internet?  Are the sync bytes
sent? the checksum? inter-block bytes?

Thanks for any replies,

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