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Re: Xtal order?

Gentle readers;

I now have enough interest for a group order of xtals.  Thanks to
all who responded, and I will keep the group apprised of the status
of the order by e-mail.

I understand that G0MRF also has some xtals available, if anyone
has a more immediate need.

>   I was speaking to Ernie - he proposed an '18sl' holder measuring
>   10.5mm tall, by 10.8mm wide, by 3.4mm deep.  8.8125 MHz, 15 pf load 
>   cap.
>   If I order 5, I can get them for $12.00 ea. plus shipping.  That's about
>   $8.00 USD per xtal.
>   QRU? Anyone want in on this order?  I'm placing my order by 1500 EST
>   tomorrow, so let me know.

73 de va3rr/aa8lu
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